Coalition for Authentic Reform of Education (CARE)

The Coalition for Authentic Reform of Education (CARE) in Lebanon is an initiative of H Institute. CARE brings together organizations and individuals committed to turning the Lebanese educational system into a world class, futuristic system that serves the primary function of upholding formal education as a high quality public good and a significant national investment for the 21st century and beyond.

Authentic reform for a world class educational system

H Institute has put together, in collaboration with CARE members, a reform project that would bring about a Lebanese educational system with radically new structure and governance, under radically new foundations, principles, policies, and concepts that meet the realities of our rapidly changing world .

Once the Lebanese educational system is reformed accordingly, all its organs shall work together in harmony with efficiency to meet, among others, the following ends:

1. To serve a well-defined national vision for education and development in accordance with rigorous policies that equitably ensure high quality education for all.

2. To maintain strategic continuity, under the said vision and policies, across successive terms of ministers of education and higher education and various other authorities.

3. To empower our youth for self-fulfillment and excellence in life, and to turn them into well-rounded global citizens who live with and for a strong national identity, and who can contribute to significant sustainable development at the local and national levels.

4. To turn teaching into a prestigious and highly acclaimed profession that attracts and sustains highly competent and dedicated people.

5. To deploy, under systemic mind and brain based pedagogical frameworks, dynamic, cross-disciplinary, community and student oriented curricula rather than one size fits all, rigid and academically focused curricula. 

6. To grant end of cycle diplomas, governed by coherent and just policies and quality standards at all primary through tertiary educational levels, that offer a true testimony of student evolution across all years of a given cycle and not a snapshot of one-time achievement on a single battery of tests or other conventional types of assessment.

7. To transcend the dichotomy of general education and vocational and technical education in order to prepare our youth for lifelong learning and smooth and efficient induction in the workplace of the digital age.

8. To bring together into productive and futuristic partnership the educational public and private sectors.

9. To actively engage all non-educational sectors of society in education in order to ensure authenticity and viability of processes within various parts of the educational system, and validity of their output in terms of student readiness for productive and constructive integration in society.

10. To stay insightfully open and actively contribute to educational innovations, and critically adapt the necessary to meet emergent challenges and changes at the local, national, and global levels.

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