Research & Development

We, at H Institute, are committed to engraining the Culture of Excellence in society through research-based, customized programs.

Our R&D work revolves around our Standards for Excellence, and aims at bringing about systemic professionals and institutions empowered for excellence in the 21st century.

Our CARE initiative, educational reform project, and Award for Excellence in Education came about along the same line as essential parts of our drive for excellence in the Lebanese society.

Professional development for career excellence in the 21st century

Professional development programs currently developed at H Institute are designed to empower educators for excellence as professionals in a lifetime, fulfilling career, rather than for sustaining an accidental job to make ends meet.

In particular, programs are designed for empowerment with 4P profiles of professionals with progressive minds, productive habits, profound episteme, and principled conduct in all aspects of life.

The four P’s are not absolute traits of a “one-size fits all” profile. They are universal “qualifiers” for distinct individual profiles which reliable research in cognitive science has constantly proven to be necessary for success – and excellence – in any aspect of life and in any era, especially our modern era.

Progressive mind refers to an overall systemic and dynamic mindset with clear vision and critical and insightful commitment to empower oneself and others for self- determination and continuous progress in various aspects of life.

Productive habits refer to sustained systemic efficient skills and dispositions for wise resourcing and systematic orderly and innovative engagement in any individual or collective endeavor and for overall sound conduct in everyday life.

Profound episteme refers to a rich cohesive corpus of content knowledge focused in any field on generic epistemic essentials that readily lend themselves to practical aspects in the field and to coherence and consistency within and among different fields.

Principled conduct refers to constant value-laden drive for beneficiary outcomes that come about in accordance with righteous and constructive individual and collective stance and aspirations and in aesthetic harmony with local and global natural and social orders.